Thanksgiving Day 5k Challenge

Just as they did last Thanksgiving, Apple has created a special achievement that you can unlock on your Apple Watch today only.  Appropriately named the Thanksgiving Day Challenge, you can earn this award by completely a walk, run or wheelchair workout of at least 5k (3.1 miles).  To unlock the special badge on your Apple Watch you need to record your distance with the workout app on the Apple Watch, or by using any other app that adds workouts to the Health app.

Although I appreciate this extra little incentive to get out there and move on a day where Americans typically over indulge and then fall in and out of a coma all day, it sure would be nice if they also recognized other workouts besides walking and running.  Case in point–I went for a 20+ mile bike ride this morning, and I still need to walk or run an additional 3.1 miles to collect the badge.  You still have time, as you can collect the achievement for a workout completed anytime before the end of the day.  Time to go grab mine!

Happy Thanksgiving!