Fast charging on the iPhone X–which option is the most cost effective?

One of the notable features available on the iPhone X as well as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is the addition of fast charging capabilities.  Not to be confused with wireless charging–fast charging allows you to safely charge your device at a much quicker rate.  For the average consumer the question then becomes–what does that really mean, and how much extra will it typically cost to take advantage of this added capability?  While it’s great that Apple has added fast-charging to the iPhone line-up, in typical Apple fashion, it’s gonna cost you if you stay away from third party options and go strictly Apple.  But just how much will it cost, and what are your options you ask?   Read more

iPhone X: First Impressions

The day we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived last Friday–iPhone X (pronounced “ten“) launch day!  I have to admit, this was the most excited I’ve been about an iPhone launch since Apple announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus back in September 2014.  The long lines have returned, and with them a sense of excitement I haven’t felt in a few years about an iPhone launch.  In the lead up to the November 3rd launch day I have been consuming as much information, video and text, about the iPhone X as I could get my hands on. Read more