MacBook Pro Review: Revisiting the update to Apple’s most polarizing Laptop release in years

The current version of the MacBook Pro received a processor speed bump and improvements to its GPUs last June–only eight months after it’s release in October of 2016.  The updated 2016 model was a highly anticipated announcement after a longer than usual upgrade cycle.  Positioned for the “Pro” Apple market, it’s still one of the most popular desktop computers on the market today.  However, its release has forged polarizing reactions to some of the new key features.  With the addition of the Touch Bar and the second generation butterfly keyboard mechanism, even some of its bigger supporters have been vocal in their concerns.  With all that in mind, lets look back at our initial review of the MacBook Pro and what we thought of the most anticipated MacBook release in years.

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Review: HiRise Duet by TwelveSouth

With the introduction of the Apple Watch we were all presented with another gadget to charge at the end of the day, adding to the confusion of wires and wall chargers that Apple itself has prided itself on minimizing. In an effort to help reduce the clutter of wires in our lives, is Twelve South’s latest creation— HiRise Duet. This sleek device charges your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, helping to reduce clutter while looking sharp doing it.

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Review: Fusion Screen Protector from Clear-Coat

I have a long history with screen protectors of various types. I’ve been using them on mobile devices in one form or another for 17 years now, so from Wright Right to Fellows to ZAGG to Best Skins Ever, and a host of no-name protectors scattered between, I have seen my fair share. However, one thing I hadn’t tried until recently was a hard screen protector. So about a month ago, when I had the chance to try out the Fusion from Clear-Coat, I ditched my Best Skins Ever wet-apply skin and took the plunge. Read more

Review: Apple AirPods

After what has seemed like years of stagnation in the wireless space, it now feels as if we’re moving at an accelerated pace. We now have Wi-Fi at acceptable speeds, mid-range connections for everything from keyboards to drones, and NFS technology for payments. Just now are we experiencing a truly wireless world we’ve been working toward for the better part of two decades. Apple’s new AirPods play into this new wireless world nicely. Read more