Review Policy

Here at AATC we will never request or accept payment for _any_ app or product reviews we publish.  This same policy also applies to all products that are advertised on the site.  Ad placement will never influence review policies and procedures.

The criteria for app and product reviews on AATC is very simple.  To decide what to review, either myself as EIC, or any one of our Contributing Editors selects an app or product we find interesting.  Having said that–not all reviews will be positive and supportive.  Sometimes we might review an app or product that falls short of our initial expectations.  We feel that a review of this type, is still valuable to our readers because it helps them in making informed decisions.

With all review items we will specify at the end of the review whether the item was purchased by one of our Editors or if it was provided by a company for the purpose of a review on AATC.

In addition to covering news about all things Apple, we strive to write honest, original content and thorough, fair reviews. Anything less would be a waste of time.  Thank you for your continued support.


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