The iMac celebrates 20 years of service

The iMac was a huge gamble for Apple when they needed it the most. Steve Jobs had recently re-joined the company, and they were in need of a major break to get Apple going in the right direction again. Although met with initial skepticism, the iMac ended up being the “breakout” product Apple desperately needed at the time. Promoted as an all-in-one device

In August Apple is introducing not just a completely new computer,
but a completely new idea.

We’ve called that idea iMac.

Designed around a simple premise— that the internet should be as easy to use as a Macintosh—iMac is the internet-age “computer for the rest of us.”

With one-button online access and a stunning new design, iMac combines all the possibilities of the internet with all the capabilities of the Macintosh.

All for only $1,299.*

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