Apple reported record Q1 2018 earnings

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In case you missed it, Apple made a shit ton of money again during the holiday quarter–88.3B in revenue!  Yes, it’s true–somehow they managed to hang in there just long enough to stack a new pile of money in the basement at Apple Park.  It’s always remarkable to me how these quarterly earnings calls are perceived by the mainstream media.  Any one of the Apple’s business categories alone would be considered a huge success by itself.  However, the media often applies different rules when considering success and failures at Apple.  Such is the game when you are the most successful company in the world I suppose.  Anyway, our friend Jason Snell over at always does a fantastic job breaking down what all this means in layman’s terms.  He’s done all the heavy lifting and has provided numerous beautiful graphs and charts to explain it all.  It’s definitely worth your time if you’re at all interested in the inner workings at Apple and what all these numbers really mean.

If you have an hour to kill and would like to listen to the Apple Financial Results for Q1 2018 point your bowser here.


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