Apple Park nears completion in latest drone video footage

Apple Park, the new Apple campus first announced by Steve Jobs in 2006 is nearing completion after 4 years of construction.  Beginning sometime this April, the new state of the art headquarters is expected to begin welcoming its 12,000 permanent employees in a staggered move-in that will continue into the summer.  There have been many efforts to document the journey since construction began over the years via drone footage.  The video production has gotten quite sophisticated and more polished with each video.  Duncan Sinfield has been the gold standard for the monthly coverage, and I look forward to viewing his videos when they become available each month.  From the latest video the focus on finishing construction on campus appears to be limited to the landscaping outside the main building ring, as there doesn’t appear to be any heavy equipment present anywhere.  You can view any of Duncan’s previous coverage here.

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