The iMac celebrates 20 years of service

The iMac was a huge gamble for Apple when they needed it the most. Steve Jobs had recently re-joined the company, and they were in need of a major break to get Apple going in the right direction again. Although met with initial skepticism, the iMac ended up being the “breakout” product Apple desperately needed at the time. Promoted as an all-in-one device

In August Apple is introducing not just a completely new computer,
but a completely new idea.

We’ve called that idea iMac.

Designed around a simple premise— that the internet should be as easy to use as a Macintosh—iMac is the internet-age “computer for the rest of us.”

With one-button online access and a stunning new design, iMac combines all the possibilities of the internet with all the capabilities of the Macintosh.

All for only $1,299.*

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Apple reported record Q1 2018 earnings

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In case you missed it, Apple made a shit ton of money again during the holiday quarter–88.3B in revenue!  Yes, it’s true–somehow they managed to hang in there just long enough to stack a new pile of money in the basement at Apple Park.  It’s always remarkable to me how these quarterly earnings calls are perceived by the mainstream media.  Any one of the Apple’s business categories alone would be considered a huge success by itself.  However, the media often applies different rules when considering success and failures at Apple.  Such is the game when you are the most successful company in the world I suppose.  Anyway, our friend Jason Snell over at always does a fantastic job breaking down what all this means in layman’s terms.  He’s done all the heavy lifting and has provided numerous beautiful graphs and charts to explain it all.  It’s definitely worth your time if you’re at all interested in the inner workings at Apple and what all these numbers really mean.

If you have an hour to kill and would like to listen to the Apple Financial Results for Q1 2018 point your bowser here.


How to watch the Super Bowl for free on your iPhone, iPad, Mac & Apple TV

The big day is finally here–Super Bowl Sunday!

With the most watched sporting event of the year upon us, now is a great time to finalize your viewing options as the Eagles prepare to take on the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.  It’s important to acknowledge that while most Americans will be huddled around a big screen tv turned to NBC, not everyone watching has a big screen available for the game.  Furthermore, there are people viewing the game in a variety of different time zones around the world with some of them catching a glimpse here and there while they’re working or on a break.  With all those scenarios in mind, we’ve assembled a list of some of the easiest options to watch in your home as well as on your mobile device(s).

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Apple Park nears completion in latest drone video footage

Apple Park, the new Apple campus first announced by Steve Jobs in 2006 is nearing completion after 4 years of construction.  Beginning sometime this April, the new state of the art headquarters is expected to begin welcoming its 12,000 permanent employees in a staggered move-in that will continue into the summer.  There have been many efforts to document the journey since construction began over the years via drone footage.  The video production has gotten quite sophisticated and more polished with each video.  Duncan Sinfield has been the gold standard for the monthly coverage, and I look forward to viewing his videos when they become available each month.  From the latest video the focus on finishing construction on campus appears to be limited to the landscaping outside the main building ring, as there doesn’t appear to be any heavy equipment present anywhere.  You can view any of Duncan’s previous coverage here.

There’s still time to earn your Ring in the New Year Challenge badge

Looking for a little incentive to kickoff a healthier you for 2018?  Well, if you have an Apple Watch, you’re in luck.  Apple is offering a new achievement badge, and you still have plenty of time to earn yours before the end of the month.  To secure the Ring in the New Year Badge close all three of your Activity Rings seven days in a row any time in January.  This one was definitely harder than the two previous badges I’ve earned since acquiring my Apple Watch in October.  I regularly close all three of my Activity Rings, but rarely do I accomplish this more than 4 or 5 days in a week, much less 7 days in a row.  To be honest, though, this was just what I needed to get me refocused after a holiday season that had me fighting through holiday party after another and giving in to too many indulgences along the way.

Who doesn’t love adding to their Activity achievement board?  I must admit, after buying my Apple Watch I hadn’t spent as much time exploring all of the potential achievements as I really should have.  However, after earning the Ring in the New Year Challenge badge I’m now striving to add more badges by pushing myself and setting goals that I never had previously considered.  Isn’t this the real benefit in monitoring your activity levels–to move more, and be more active?  Once you become aware of your habits and pitfalls you can push yourself to be a healthier, happier person.

Good luck in acquiring your Ring in the New Year Challenge Badge!