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Wallpaper Credit: @ARX2014  via @Jim_Gresham

Welcome to our new iPhone Wallpaper Collections weekly post.  Moving forward I will save the best wallpapers that I’ve come across during the week and share them with you all here.  Unless otherwise stated, none of these wallpapers are of my creation, nor do I take credit in any way for their designs or origins.  I will always share direct links to where I come across each wallpaper and give credit to the designer and/or website I find them on.  In addition, if you have any wallpapers you’d like to share with us so that we could pass them on–that would be great, too, as long as we can provide proper credit.

One of the most popular ways to personalize your iPhones is with a great wallpaper.  From pictures of your kids or favorite sports team(s) to beautiful landscapes and abstract designs, changing your wallpaper is something everyone enjoys doing.  Whether you want to change your lock screen, home screen or both, there isn’t a better way to personalize your device and say hey, that’s mine, then with a unique wallpaper.  With every version of iOS Apple includes a new collection of wallpapers that are specific to the newest release.  However, some iPhone owners eventually want to explore alternative choices as well.

As a result, a diverse collection of iPhone wallpapers are highly sought after–especially those created for specific devices.  To that end, not everyone knows where to go to find some of the best, and most popular wallpapers.  With the recent launch of the iPhone X, there has been a growing swell of wallpapers released specifically for this device.  Furthermore, Twitter has been abundant with new and resized popular wallpapers created and linked to by some very talented designers.

This Week’s Wallpaper Collection

This week we are promoting and sharing the excellent work of Twitter User, and Graphic Designer @ARX2014.  He has been very busy this week creating an awesome collection of iPhone X wallpapers that celebrate stock wallpapers from previous iOS releases over the years.  My favorite has definitely been the ClownFish wallpaper shown above, and available separately, here.  You can download any or all of the 44 set collection.  In addition, if you enjoy these or any other of the future works from @ARX2014, please consider donating to their PayPal account.  All wallpapers are free to download either way.

How to set a picture as your iPhone wallpaper

After you have the picture you want to set as your wallpaper on your iPhone screen, select the sharing button in the bottom left corner.  Next, slide through the carousel until you see “Use as Wallpaper” and select that option.  Position the picture–zoom in, out or pan around until you get the view of your choice and select “Set”.  Next decide whether you want to set the picture as your wallpaper for your Lock screen, Home screen, or both.  That’s it!


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