Review: HiRise Duet by TwelveSouth

With the introduction of the Apple Watch we were all presented with another gadget to charge at the end of the day, adding to the confusion of wires and wall chargers that Apple itself has prided itself on minimizing. In an effort to help reduce the clutter of wires in our lives, is Twelve South’s latest creation— HiRise Duet. This sleek device charges your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, helping to reduce clutter while looking sharp doing it.


Unlike Twelve South’s other iOS device stands, the HiRise Duet does not offer syncing over a Lightning cable— it only charges connected devices, albeit with style. Offering a design sensibility similar to Apple’s own, the HiRise Duet features an adjustable support which will accommodate iOS devices of differing sizes. Though I personally do not use a case on any of my iOS devices, the HiRise Duet is adjustable enough to fit most cases. This adjustable support is the most fiddly aspect of the product, but one that can be quickly overlooked once the proper dimensions are set.

The stand itself is hefty so that you can undock your iPhone one-handed, and features a nice finish. The review unit I received was what Twelve South calls “Technical Black” and matches my black iPhone 7 nicely. I would wager that the other finishes Twelve South offers nicely compliment the iPhone finishes in circulation. The curves of the HiRise Duet take a cue from the iPhone 7 reinforcing the notion that this stand is designed for, and with a similar degree of care as, Apple devices.

The base of the device is topped with leather to comfortably cushion your Apple Watch. The magnetic charging disc at the bottom of the stand connects to the Apple Watch with the same, if not better, security as Apple’s own magnetic charger. The HiRise Duet also really makes the Apple Watch’s Night Stand mode shine.

Though not perfect, the HiRise Duet is a very deliberately designed and machined stand that finds itself at home alongside the Apple products for which it is intended. It is that extra effort that Twelve South puts forward that really sets them apart.


The HiRise Duet is powered by an AC cable that connects to the rear of the stand itself. Plugging it into the wall, and adjusting the stand support to accommodate your device is all the setup that is required. Your devices just comfortably snap into place from there.

The Lightning connector atop the stand accepts most all Lightning-enabled devices. That includes The Magic Mouse, Siri remote, and of course iOS devices. The connection to your device is very secure. In fact, I found it difficult to undock my iPhone with one hand. To me, this firm connection is a good thing— no one wants their costly device to come tumbling off its stand due to a loose connection.

Though I would wager that most will use the HiRise Duet as an iPhone charger, the iPad also firmly connects to the stand. I tested the stand with my iPad Air 2, and though it feels a bit awkward, never once did I feel like my iPad was in jeopardy of falling. Moving past some of the awkwardness of having an iPad on a tiny 3.75″ square stand, it worked wonderfully as an elevated arm for an additional display alongside my MacBook Pro.


If you’re looking for a way to remove some of the clutter on your desk, or just appreciate good design, you should seriously consider checking out the HiRise Duet from Twelve South. With its great fit and finish and utter simplicity in doing well what it sets out to do, the HiRise Duet is a great stand for anyone looking to charge their iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.


The HiRise Duet was provided by Twelve South for review on Apple At The Core. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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